Patient Care - Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery

Cardiac Operation Theater

  • 6 Cardiac Operation Theaters with fully equipped surgical and anesthesia set up.
  • Higher version Anesthesia Work station in OT and Multipara monitors with CO2, Cardiac output, BIS, Neuro muscular  Transmission (NMT)  monitoring
  • Cardiac OTs are equipped with:
    • Anaesthesia Appratus-6
    • Heart Lung Machine-7
    • Heater Cooler Unit-8
    • Intra Aortic Balloon Pump-6
    • OT Light with 3 Domes-6
    • OT Table with remote-6
    • Biphasic Defibrillator-6
    • Syringe Pump-32
    • TCI System-3
    • Syringe Pump of TCI System-9
    • Cautry Machine-7
    • Patient Warming System-6
    • ACT Machine-6
    • Pulse Oxymeter-3
    • Sternum Saw System-9
    • Single Chamber Temporary Pacemaker-4
    • Dual Chamber Temporary Pacemaker-13
    • Flash Autoclave-3
    • Surgeon Head Light System-9
    • Low End Multipara Moniter-2
    • High End Multipara Moniter-1
    • Transport Monitor-2
    • Auto Logus Blood Transfusion System-2
    • Fiber Optic Bronchoscope- 1
    • Blood Bag Storage Refridgerator-1
    • ECMO System-1
    • Cerebral Oxymetry-2
    • Transport Ventilator-1
    • Multipara Monitors-77
    • Central Station -5



Adult/Pediatric Cardio Thoracic Recovery Room (CTRR)

  • 24 x 7 monitoring  by Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiac Anesthetist, super specialty D.M. Cardiology Residents, Pediatrician, Trained Cardiac Medical Officers, Cardiac Physiotherapists, Trained Nursing staff for best treatment.


Adult CTRR-1:

  • High End Multipara Monitor with  Central Station and 5 lead ECG cable, Spo2, Temperature, Invasive and non invasive BP etc.-16
  • Low End Ventilator-11
  • High End Ventilator-6
  • Biphasic Defebrilator-2
  • Syringe pump-75
  • Intra Aortic Balloon Pump-3
  • Patient Warming System-9
  • Dual Channel Pacemaker-10
  • Cautry Machine-1
  • C.O/CCO Module-1
  • Transport Moniter-1
  • Hemodialysis Machine-1
  • ACT Machine-1
  • 12 Lead ECG Machine-1
  • Central Station-1


Adult CTRR-2:

  • High End Multipara Monitor with  Central Station and 5 lead ECG cable, Spo2, Temperature, Invasive and non invasive BP etc.-22
  • Central Station with Accessories-2
  • Syringe pump-64
  • Low End Ventilator-19
  • Pulse Oxymeter-2
  • Single Channel Pacemaker-1
  • Dual Channel Pacemaker-5
  • 12 lead ECG with patient cable-1
  • Biphasic Defibrillator with external Paddel-2
  • Cautry Machine-1
  • Patient Warming System-7
  • Intra Aortic Balloon Pump-2
  • DVT Pump with Accessories-1


Surgical ICU (Paediatric CTRR):

  •  High End Multipara Monitor with  Central Station and 5 lead ECG cable, Spo2, Temperature, Invasive and non invasive BP etc.-36
  • High End Ventilator-22
  • Low End Ventilator-5
  • Neonatal Ventilator-6
  • Transport Moniter-1
  • Biphasic Defibrillator -2
  • Syringe Pump-201
  • Patient Warming System-4
  • Baby Warmer-22
  • Nitric Oxide Delivery System-2
  • 12 Lead ECG Machine-1
  • Cautry Machine-1
  • High Frequency Ventilator-3
  • Dual Chember Pacemaker-5
  • B.T. Fridge-1
  • Bipap Ventilator-1Central Station-2


Various Cardiac Surgeries
  • Advanced Cardiac Surgical facility for CHD
    (ASD, VSD, PDA, DTGA, TOF, DORV, Pulmonary Atresia, Tricuspid  Atresia, Truncus Arteriosus, ALCAPA etc.)


  • Dedicated Valvular heart surgery programme
    (MVR, AVR, DVR, MV Repair & AV Repair etc.)


  • Coronary surgical revascularization unit
    (CABG, CABG with Valve repair/ replacement etc.)


  • Vascular surgery Interventions
    (Bentall’s, Arch Repair, Coarctation Repair, Peripheral Vascular surgeries & Carotid Endarterectomy etc.)


Major Surgeries Preformed at UNMICRC


  1. Trunchus arteriousus
  2. AP window
  3. Rasteliy repair
  4. Arterial switch
  5. Double valve repair
  6. Senning’s repair
  7. TOF with pulmonary atresia for unifocalization
  8. TOF with LAD crossing RVOT
  9. TOF with small size PA
  10. TOF with MAPCAS
  11. PDA with Sever coarction with sever PAH
  12. VSD with coarction
  13. Aortic Arch Intrupation
  14. Complete Atrio-Ventricular canal defect with severe PAH
  15. Multipul VSD with severe PAH
  16. PA Banding
  17. Intracardiac/Extra cardiac, fontant
  18. Ross procedure
  19. Anomalous left coronary artery arising from pulmonary artery
  20. Double Switch


List of Equipments in the department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Equipments : List of Important equipments available and their functional status



Heart Lung Machine






ABG Machine



Anesthesia work station



Electronic Surgical Unit with integrated vessel sealing system & Argon Plasma Coagulator



Single Chambered Pacemaker



Hypothermia Machine

(Heater Cooler Unit)









Intra Aortic Balloon Pump



Dual Chambered Pacemaker



Autologous Blood Transfusion System



ACT Machine



Operation Theatre light



Operation Theatre Table



Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator



DVT Pump



12 Lead ECG Machine