Patient Care - Cardiology

Cardiac Cath-Lab

  • One Hybrid Cardiac Cath Lab with Cardiac OT (State of Art Equipment).


  • Three Digital Flat Panel Cardiac Catheterization Lab.


  • Electro physiology Lab (Arrhythmia detection & Radio Frequency Ablation).


  • Intra Vascular Ultra Sound (IVUS) / Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) system to detect the borderline coronary lesion at the earliest.


  • Cath-Labs are equipped with:
    • Digital Flat panel Cathlab with rotational angiography machine with all standard accessories (L-c arm with patient Tableaus system and OT light with hemodynamic monitors)
    • Injector
    • Stent Boost workstation with Monitor
    • Work Station
    • Anesthesia Apparatus
    • Biphasic Defibrillator
    • Monitor
    • IABP MACHINE with Doppler
    • High End Ventilator
    • Cautery Machine
    • Syringe Pump
    • Pulse Oxymeter
    • Patient Warming system
    • Single/Dual Chamber Pacemaker
    • Heart Lung Machine with Heater Cooler (Hybrid Cath)
    • Sternum saw (Hybrid Cath)
    • Surgeon headlight (Hybrid Cath)


Medical/Pediatric/Neonatal ICCU

  • 35 Fully automatic motorized beds(MICCU), 15 beds with 5 baby warmers (PICCU/NICCU) with Multipara monitors with central monitoring system.


  • 24 x 7 monitoring  by super specialty D.M. Cardiology Residents, Trained Cardiac Medical Officers, Cardiac Physiotherapist, Trained Cardiac Nursing staff for best treatment.


  • Facilities available for best cardiac treatment to EMCS patients:
    • Ventilators
    • Intra Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)
    • Biphasic Defibrillators
    • Single/Dual Chamber Pacemaker
    • Syringe Pump
    • Dialysis Machine
    • 12 lead ECG Machine
    • Patient Warmer
    • Pulse Oxymeter
    • Crash Cart
    • Isolation Room


Cardiology Procedures
  • Percutaneous Coronary Interventions
    (PTCA, PAMI Programme, Bifurcation , CTO Interventions, IVUS & Rotationalatherectomy etc.)


  • Pediatric Cardiac Interventions
    (Device closure, Balloon Valvuloplasty, PDA, Coarctation & Pulmonary  Artery  Stenting etc.)


  • EP study, RF Ablation & Heart Failure device
    Therapy  (SVT & VT Ablation, AICD implantation, CRT & Combo Therapy etc.)


  • Peripheral Vascular Interventions
    (Carotid, abdominal Aorta & Lower limb re-vascularization  interventions etc.)


Department of Nuclear Medicine

Department of Nuclear Medicine is equipped with State of the art Dual Head Gamma Camera (SIEMENS Symbia S-Series IQ•SPECT)

Nuclear Medicine Procedures Performed:

  • Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI): Rest and Exercise/Pharmacological Stress
  • MUGA scan
  • Tc-99m DTPA Renal scan
  • Tc-99m MAG3/EC Renal scan
  • Tc-99m DMSA Renal scan
  • Tc-99m Pertechnetate Thyroid scan
  • Tc-99m Parathyroid scan
  • Tc-99m MAA lung perfusion scan
  • Tc-99m MDP Bone scan
  • I-131 Whole body scan  
  • Low dose Radioiodine (I-131) therapy for thyrotoxicosis