Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values




Our vision is to be recognized as World Class facility in quality cardiac care and as a center of excellence in Cardiovascular Research.


“ હૃદય રોગની વિશ્વકક્ષાની અને ગુણવત્તા સભર સારવાર માટેના અને તેને લગતા સંશોધન માટેના સર્વોત્તમ કેન્દ્ર તરીકે સ્થાપિત થવું “



To Offer World Class Quality Care in cardiology at No cost or Concessional cost and to provide free super specialty higher education in Cardiology, Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery & Cardiac Anesthesia.


“ હૃદય રોગની વિશ્વકક્ષાની સારવાર વિના મૂલ્યે અથવા નજીવા દરે આપવી અને હૃદય રોગને લગતા ઉચ્ચતર શિક્ષણને વિના મૂલ્યે પ્રદાન કરવું “




  • We value patient above all, particularly the economically poorest of the poor patients by treating them with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • We value excellence, in our treatment of patients with integrity and state of art equipment, with best quality care services.
  • We value life over of everything else, we make all efforts to save as many lives of the patients as possible, being tertiary care cardiac hospital, we spare no efforts in trying our best even in extremely critical situation to as lives.
  • We value the outcome, the results of our cardiac procedures & surgeries exceed most of our patients’ expectation. And they are at par with National / International level.
  • We value compassion, in treating all patients including the poorest of poor patients and their families with utmost care and kindness.
  • We value quality; we try to recruit the best cardiology doctors, anesthetists, cardiac surgeons, and the best possible nursing staff to deliver the best quality care to all our patients.